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What is the registration cost for recreation basketball?  And what does it include?

Player registration for the Winter season is $200. Included in these fees are insurance,

gym rental, officials and registration fees.

How much does the uniform cost?

The uniform cost is $60.00 total. Jerseys are $40, shorts are $20.

When is the season?

We will not have schedule information for quite a number of weeks as our participation

numbers and facility availability will determine scheduling.  We will most likely hold

Assessments (where each player is briefly evaluated in a 3-on-3 basketball scrimmage)

on Saturday, 10.01.22 (Time TBA).  This will most likely be held at Snellville United

Methodist Church's (SUMC) Christian Life Center (CLC). You will not know your coach

or who's team you are on until 2-3 days after Assessments and Drafts. The practice and

game schedule is tentatively scheduled to begin mid-October and end with the Championship

games near mid-to-end of February 2023.  

How many games are played during the season?

Teams will play 10 games.  Nine regular-season games and at least one tournament game.

What days of the week are practices?

We will attempt to schedule practices and games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and

Saturday only. No doubt there WILL be exceptions to this.

Are practices the same day each week?

Not usually.  Practice nights will vary from week to week depending on the number of teams

in the league as well as gym availability.  

What days of the week are games?

Games are generally held on Saturdays, however, to ensure teams get the full 10 games, there

may be some weeknight and Sunday games.

Where are the practices and games held?

BBA utilizes space at Brookwood Elementary, Craig Elementary, Gwin Oaks Elementary, Crews

Middle School, Five Forks Middle School, Snellville United Methodist Church as well as First

Baptist Church Snellville. See the Location menu option on the Home Page of this website for

specific addresses.

What is the birthday cut off for each league?

The cutoff date is September 1st.

Can my child play up a league?

It is up to the discretion of each League Director to determine if a child can play up an age level.  

League Director contact information is located on the website.

What is GBL?

GBL is a highly competitive league that falls under the umbrella of the BBA Recreation 

program. It is not the same as BBA Recreation program. These teams will be filled by open

tryouts and not all attending tryouts will be selected. Games will be played on Saturday and Sunday

at Suwanee Sports Academy and around the Gwinnett County area. Brookwood teams will play

grade level teams from other Gwinnett County Cluster programs including Collins Hill,

Mill Creek, etc.

When is the GYBA season?

The GBL season starts mid-November and ends early March.  Refer to the GBL website

( for more information.

How does my child try out for GYBA?

BBA will hold tryouts for the GYBA teams and the dates will be listed on the BBA website.

What size goal is used in the leagues?

Please refer to the attached rules pdf.

What size ball is used in the leagues?

Please refer to the attached rules pdf.

Can special requests be honored (carpool, coach request, etc.)?


What are the rules of each league?

All leagues follow High School rules except for those specified in the attached rules pdf. 

Please refer to the file under Downloadable Forms and Files and then click on the hyperlink for

BBA_Rules_Update for specific exceptions.

Is there a playing time requirement?

All players are required to play half the game at a minimum.  If the player arrives late to the game,

the player must be sent in to the game at the next player rotation time.  All efforts will be made to

ensure the tardy player plays at least half of a game but due to tardiness and in some cases

advance substitution schedules he/ she may not play half of the game.

What happens during the skills assessment?

During skills assessments, registered players will play 3-on-3 for about 2 minutes. This allows

the coaches to see how the players dribble, shoot, pass, etc. Specific times will be published

and you only need to bring your player during his/her league time.  Once they have scrimmaged,

you are free to take them home. Team drafts will be conducted the same day as assessments.

When will I hear from my coach?

You should receive either a phone call or email notification from your coach within 2-3 days of

assessments.  Please make sure your numbers and email addresses are correct in your account

and your phones are in working order.

What color uniform does the home team wear?

The home team wears white and that team (parent) is responsible for keeping the official book 

during the COED and BOYS 7/8 games only.

What color uniform does the visiting team wear?

The visiting team wears maroon and that team (parent) is responsible for keeping the clock 

during the COED 8U and Boys 8U games only.

What’s the minimum number of players needed to start a game?

Four (4) players are the minimum number needed to start and play a game.  Additional players

can enter the game as they arrive.  

Does BBA have All-Star teams?

Yes, BBA does participate in an All-Star tournament.

Head Coaches are nominated by other coaches within their league and approved by the BBA

Board.  Players may be asked to tryout for All-Stars on each Leagues' team.   

When is the all-star tournament?

Specific dates vary by year but generally, the tournament runs the last two weeks of February.

What is your inclement weather policy?

Player safety is always our first priority.  While we do not have a formal policy, because we use

school facilities, we follow their closure policy.  If schools close because of inclement weather,

practices and/or games will be canceled as well.  Practices will not be rescheduled.  Games may

be rescheduled depending on what point during the season the closure occurs.  E-mail

communication will be sent as well as posted to our website should inclement weather happen.

How many players are put on a team?

Eight (8) players are typically put on a team, this ensures coverage should teammates have to miss

games as well as ensuring playing time requirements are met. But teams may be larger depending

on the number so children in the league. 

What is BBA’s refund policy?

We realize events occur that prevent your player from participating in the league.  We will provide

refunds or registration up until the season begins.  Once games begin, we are unable to provide


What types of payment do you accept?

We prefer online payment through our registration system for all registration and uniform fees. 

What is the BBA scholarship?

BBA is proud to award two (one male, one female) competitive $750 scholarships for its

participants. Applicants will be judged on an essay (60%), their class rank (20%), and the

number of seasons they participated in BBA or on a BBA sponsored GBL team (20%).

Applicants must have played in at least four BBA sponsored seasons to be eligible.

Does BBA offer a multi-child discount?

Yes, we offer $10 off for each additional child registered through BBA.

How can I contact BBA?

If you aren’t able to find an answer to your question on our FAQ page, send us an e-mail

through our “Contact Us” tab on the website.  Turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours so

please wait until that time has passed before reaching out via phone to any Board Member.

Age Groups:

Here are all of the age groups that you can sign up for the 2021-2022 season:


B 8U

B 10U

B 12U

B 14U

B 18U


G 10U

G 13U

G 18U